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Follow clues! Find treasures! Win Cash!
Sign up today for ScOUT, the inaugural Harrisburg-based scavenger hunt. Teams of 2-4 will tear through Harrisburg City following clues and collecting items to rack up the most points and be named the ScOUT Scavenger Hunt Champions. Grand prize of $100 dollars CASH. Runner-up ‘plays for free’, wining $60 cash. Team costumes are encouraged and will be rewarded.


Date: October 5, 2014 from 2pm – 6pm. Hunt begins promptly at 2:30pm.

Where: Starts and Ends at Central PA LGBT Center, 1306 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg, PA 17102

Entry Fee: $60 per team. A team can have 2-4 members

Prize: $100 first prize, $60 second prize

Bonus Points for Team Costumes

Ages: The event is family friendly and teams can include kids 12 and up


  • Teams must stick together throughout the competition.
  • The team who has collected the most points in the allotted time period wins.
  • In the event of a tie – there will be a tie breaking question. Team closest without going over wins.
  • A team in costume is awarded bonus points.
  • No team is expected to collect all the items or complete all the tasks. It is suggested the team make strategic decisions to maximize the point total.
  • A car can be used, but is not required.
  • If a team does return to the LGBT Center and turn in their sheet by 5:30pm they will be assigned a score of ZERO.
  • A team that finishes early will not be awarded bonus points .

Additional rules may be presented at the day of the event

Registration Process Step #1 – Team Information

Registration Process Step #2 – Team Payment

Team Name

Pride Week 2014

We hope you will join us tonight as we gather, as a community, to discuss how PA moves forward post marriage equality.

Guest speakers include:

Representative Patty H. Kim, 103rd Legislative District and Honorable John R. Campbell, Equality PA

Date: Thursday, July 24th
Time: 5-7pm

Place: Ceolta’s Skybar, Thatch, 310 N. Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

What: State of LGBT Political Equality Happy Hour

Cost: suggested donation of $5

Fare: Cash Bar & Lite Snacks

Hosted by Capital Region Stonewall Democrats

At tonight’s Happy Hour, we will also be offering a Pride Week discount on our Capital Region Stonewall Democrats membership. Your membership allows us to advocate and campaign for Pro-LGBT democratic candidates in South Central PA!

Individual Membership: $20 after $10 OFF (regular membership is $30)
Couple/Family: $40 after $10 OFF (regular membership is $50)
Student/Low-Income: $5 after $5 OFF (regular membership is $10)

Offer valid for new members who sign up the week of Pride 2014.

This offer will also be available at our Pride Booth on Saturday, July 26th.

If you sign up to receive occasional emails from Capital Region Stonewall Democrats, while in-person, at either Ceolta’s or Pride, you will be entered to win $100 gift certificate to Mangia Qui in Harrisburg.

*gift certificate provided by Mangia Qui.

Post Marriage Equality Pride Week Mixer

Meet, mingle and talk about how we, the community, continue to advance our right in Pennsylvania.

Join us for: The new Capital Region Stonewall Democrats for a post Marriage Equality Pennsylvania.

Date: Thursday, July 24th
Time: 5-7pm

Place: Ceolta’s Skybar, Thatch, 310 N. Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

What: State of LGBT Political Equality Happy Hour

Cost: suggested donation of $5

Fare: Cash Bar & Lite Snacks

Speakers: Hon. Patty Kim and Hon. John Campbell

Hosted by Capital Region Stonewall Democrats

Breaking News – Love Wins In PA

Federal Judge rules PA’s DOMA unconstitutional, stating it discriminates against gay men and women. He directs the commonwealth to allow same-sex couples to marry and to recognize “valid” out-of-state marriage certificates.

In Jones’ opinion, he says, “In the sixty years since Brown was decided, ‘separate’ has thankfully faded into history, and only ‘equal’ remains. Similarly, in future generations the label same-sex marriage will be abandoned, to be replaced simply by marriage. We are a better people than what these laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history.”

Now that we have marriage equality in PA, we still need to work with our elected officials to end workplace discrimination, bullying, etc. to ensure all Pennsylvanians are equal.

Join us tonight at the Capital Complex steps on 3rd Street for a celebration.

Don’t forget, you can download rally signs at

Yahoo – Love Wins In PA!

Decision Day Rally tonight, May 20th

Judge Jones is expected to file his opinion in the case of Whitewood v. Wolf. This decision will come by the end of business today.

After the Judge files his opinion, we will be joining the rally at the Capital Steps on 3rd Street in Harrisburg at 6pm. If you are able to join us, please feel free to download and print your own sign. Signs are available at:

For more information about Whitewood v. Wolf, visit:

Hope to see you this evening.

Let's Celebrate!

Let’s Celebrate!